Congratulations on your purchase from Horsepower Equine Innovations.


All Horsepower Innovations products are accompanied by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


This warranty covers workmanship and manufacturing of the Horsepower Equine Innovations product purchased prior to freight.


If freight is provided directly by Horsepower Equine Innovations on a Horsepower Equine Innovations vehicle (crane truck, trailer etc.), the warranty will extend to the delivery of the Horsepower Equine Innovations product to the designated delivery address.

This warranty does not extend to cover 3rd party freight providers, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the freight provider has adequate insurance.


It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that all items are delivered in full and in good working order. Upon delivery, the customer must inspect that the product is complete (all accessories) and without damage. This warranty does not cover incorrect unloading by the customer or their freight provider.

Any faults or issues must be noted to Horsepower Equine Innovations within 24 hours.   Failure to do so may incur extra freight charges dependent on warranty claims.


For a period of one year from the date of the original sale of this product, Horsepower Equine Innovations warrants to rectify and/or repair at their option, at no charge to the purchaser, all manufacturing defects which Horsepower Equine Innovations determines to be defective in workmanship, materials or components.


The warranty does not cover accidental damage, neglect, abuse, tampering, or repair by unauthorized persons.  Any work completed by an unauthorised person will void warranty. Horsepower Equine Innovations will not be held responsible for damage that occurs if incorrectly assembled by the customer or a 3rd party. Should Horsepower Equine Innovations incur any extra charges from any 3rd party, these charges will be passed on to the customer.


Any alterations or modifications made after market will void the warranty.  In the event of a warranty claim, any issues must be reported to Horsepower Equine Innovations prior to any 3rd party repairs being conducted.


This warranty given by Horsepower Equine Innovations shall only apply to the original purchaser. The warranty is not transferable or assignable.


All reasonable efforts will be made to match original coverings, however Horsepower Equine Innovations accepts no liability if unable to match due to the aging process of materials.