Float/Truck repairs & upgrades

After years of working on floats and trucks there aren’t many jobs we haven’t come across and completed.

Maintenance and modifications on your float isn’t something you can trust to just anyone.

We will use the highest-quality materials and ensure everything is safe for your horse and built to last for every individual application.

No matter the task, I am certain we can handle it with ease and breath new life or a touch of luxury into your float.

Float floors are one of our most popular jobs. We have combined amazing locally-sourced products and our own in-house expertise to be able to offer absolute top-quality floor refurbishments.
These are complimented with our great range of rubber options for flooring, tailgates, walls and all those little trims and seals found all over your float.

Windows (new and replacement), ventilation, and enclosing floats are also very popular.

We can also fit your float out with all the modern luxuries such as awnings, lighting, living, water tanks, heating/cooling, storage solutions, showers, folding beds - anything you want to dream up we can do it.

Working within our own skilled team and a network of trusted local businesses (upholsterers, cabinet makers, signwriters) we can offer you amazing-quality work whether your float needs a latch or vent replaced or maybe a complete rebuild and refurbishment.


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